Shade Sails

About Shade Masters Shade Sails

Shade sails provide effective, long-lasting protection against harmful UV radiation. Designed to withstand the sun’s penetrating rays, shade sails are great over backyards, pool-decks, large public spaces, and places of business. Each shade sail is produced with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shade fabric and UV stabilized sewing thread. Each corner is reinforced using multiple layers of shade cloth and stainless steel rings. This reinforced material comes in various sizes and colors, as seen in our store.

Recently, shade sails have risen in popularity across the United States. Many companies and homeowners have found that layering shade sails of various heights and styles provides both an artistic touch to their property and increases the overall protection of the shades. These shade sails are considerate of different architectural styles and fit in with any style building or home. Not only are shade sails effective, but they are aesthetically pleasing, as demonstrated by our gallery.

When purchasing a shade sail, it is important to first examine the area which the sail will cover. Once you have an understanding of size, it is important to look at the shape. Rectangular shade sails provide substantially more shade, but are less artistic. Triangular shades provide less shade but can be aptly layered to create a stunning design of various shades and sizes. Installation is just as important as purchasing the shade sail. Structure kits, which can be purchased in our store, provide the proper apparatus for installing shade sails of all shapes and sizes. Each sail is attached at the corners by snap hooks to the support poles.

It is recommended that shade sails be taken down during storms and other bad weather such as hail or high-wind instances. Thus, snap hooks make installation quick, simple, and safe. Snap hooks provide adequate tension for installation while preventing the fabric from ripping or splitting. Our design team would love to come to your place of business or home and provide a consultation with all the proper information you need before making a purchase. Understanding the design and use of our products will make for a better experience and easier installation and set-up.

IF you are seriously considering protecting yourself and your property – whether it be a playground, your backyard, or your place of business – from damaging UV radiation, then a shade sail is a perfect investment. Shade sails provide an affordable solution that is effective and beautiful. The wide array of colors offered in our store are perfect for customers looking for something unique. Our team of professionals take the time to focus on your budget and provide quality recommendations before making a purchase. Not only do we help you find the perfect shade sail, but we help with installation and set-up.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like to learn more about shade sails in particular, please contact us immediately via the contact form or by phone or email.