Exterior Window Shades Help Decrease Your Energy Bill

June 4, 2012
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Energy bills are that pesky little bug that continually eats away at our wallets each and every month. We can’t stymie its growth, because as the cost of living rises, so do our bills, and no matter what in-home solution we throw at it, our rates seem to rise, especially in the summer. Double pane windows, using appliances during off-peak hours, and being energy efficient by turning off lights in rooms that are unoccupied all help. The problem is the sun still manages to find its way into our homes causing us to close ours blinds and crank up (or down, I guess) our air conditioners.

exterior window shadeDouble pane windows with screens definitely block the sun from invading our home, but often times, it is not enough to trim the fat from our energy bill. Exterior window shades provide a cost-effective and energy efficient solution to rising energy costs. Installing exterior window shades is a non-intrusive process and our window shades provide a long-term solution to your energy problem with durability and style. In fact, each window can be installed with an individual, adjustable window shade of six unique colors.

Our exterior window shades are manufactured with synthetic fabric made of PVC coated polyester. Solar screen fabric is designed specifically to reduce energy costs and prevent sun damage to your furniture. This fabric is fade resistant and therefore, provides years of protection. The fabric is a dense mesh material that blocks 99% of UV radiation.

Additionally, many homeowners have decided to surround their outdoor patios with larger window shades. These larger window shades are designed specifically for patios and provide superior comfort for those that are seeking to enjoy their patio without worrying about sun damage while outside. Installing window shades around a patio cover enable you to enjoy the outside without being bothered by the sun.

Shade Masters designs and installs the housing unit to allow homeowners to adjust the height of the window shade depending on the position of the sun. Each exterior window shade is custom made to order in the United States. Call for a free estimate today or to learn more about our exterior window shades.