Phoenix Shade

Phoenix is famously located in the heart of the Arizona Sonoran desert. Shade is a scarce commodity that residents are fully aware of. Shade Masters are expert Phoenix shade consultants and provide quality proposals for your carwash, daycare, school, home, or other facility. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona providing the largest source of commercial and industrial work in the valley. Although Phoenix is a diverse landscape with numerous businesses that inhabit the space, they still all share much of the same shade.

Most businesses in the Phoenix Metropolitan are renting or have purchased space that has been here for years. Phoenix was incorporated as a city in 1881 and began development soon after. Although most of the buildings that were erected in the 1800’s are long gone, an incredible number of historic buildings still remain that were built in the early and late 1900’s. As a result of this, numerous building facilities offer very little room to add-on to the existing building and we all know how expensive re-building can be. That is why it is time for a new form of Phoenix shade, one that is more cost effective and that can be altered in years to come.

That new type of Phoenix shade is called shade sails or shade structures. The idea for shade sails came from similar technology on a sail boat. The sail itself enabled sailors to glide in the water and provided shade for those who were swimming alongside the boat. The idea to convert this into an actual structure was ingenious in that it is low cost, easy to install, easy to repair, and can be altered at any time. The real genius behind the design is the use of nylon fabric that enables wind to travel through the shade and makes for cheap repair. All that a shade sail requires to keep you shaded is an iron foundation, metal clasps, and nylon fabric; that’s it!

Shade sails are not only an easy alternative to re-building for better shade but are very cost effective as well. There are numerous options for any size space that is in need of shade. The consumer can choose from different colors, shapes, and sizes to customize their shade sail to fit perfectly in any space. Most shade structures range from the low hundreds all the way into the thousands. Most residential structures are only a few hundred dollars simply because the size is much smaller. Although price raises the larger the structure, when attempting to shade a park or school, cost is still never too far out of reach. Phoenix shade is no longer a commodity that few businesses have the opportunity to experience. Shade sails make it easy for us all to enjoy the sun once again!