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Shade awnings have become popular not only for their aesthetic appeal, but for their protective properties as well. Home owners, country clubs, schools, and businesses have began to consider shade awnings as an alternative to the clunky patio covers of old. While patio covers are effective, they are also expensive, cumbersome, and for the most part, rather ugly. Shade awnings provide simplicity and effortless protection from the sun. They layer easily and are a designer’s dream.

Shade awnings typically blend in well with existing architecture. Manufacturers have done a great job at producing awnings that aren’t overtly noticeable but artistic in nature as well. Traditional gazebos and patio covers require upkeep, painting, and maintenance, while shade awnings are sturdy and dependable.

If you are considering purchasing a shade awning and a structure kit, analyzing the area you seek to cover is a good first step. Sometimes, multiple smaller shades is a better alternative to one large shade. Conversely, pools and patios may be best suited for one large structure. Structure kits are made of steel and help stabilize the shade awning high overhead. Snap hooks attach to the ends of the shade awnings and secure them to the support poles in the structure kit. These snap hooks are easy to assemble and facilitate taking down a shade awning during severe storms. While suitable for all climates and weather, extreme weather also poses a potential threat to property.

In states like Arizona, where sun shine is prominent, shade awnings help block harmful UV radiation and repel the sun’s damaging rays. Color does not affect the effectiveness of a shade awning. In fact, color is merely a stylistic consideration of the manufacturer. So, if you are seeking variety or a color theme to match your home, we have a wide variety of shade awnings for sale in our store. Our design team is comprised of skilled professionals who are trained to assess the best possible products for your residence or place of business. Our team will give recommendations on which products best fit your needs and also provide a preliminary structure report with the details of installation.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like to learn more about shade awnings in particular, please contact us immediately via the contact form or by phone or email.