Patio Covers

What to consider when choosing your patio covers for your outdoor space

Patio covers are useful when it comes to protecting your furniture from sun damage and creating a shaded area that offers a cool new hangout spot for your guests. There are a variety of choices when it comes to patio covers, so you will want to consider what your budget is, as well as what is most important to you.

What to consider:
1. Take a look at your outdoor space and decide which patio cover would offer the most coverage, shade and protection against harmful UV rays. Some patio covers are flexible in that they can be adjusted to meet the needs of the changing weather.
2. What type of construction do you want? Wood, aluminum, or iron patio covers can vary in terms of construction size and color. However you will want to be aware of long term rotting, termites, water stains or other damage that is common among wood structures. Other materials may not have rotting issues, but staining can still occur with iron. Canopies with quality fabric can offer a solution that can withstand sun damage.
3. How much are you willing to spend? Remember that iron and wood solutions can be costly when considering the costs of labor and materials. Shade awnings and shade sails can provide a happy medium when it comes to shading your outdoor space at a reasonable cost.
4. Decide between permanent and removable patio covers. Retractable patio covers that use a canopy fabric are flexible. However, pergolas, arbors, and gazebos do not, and are permanent solutions.
5. Find out what your warranty options are. Ask what types of wear and tear coverage is involved in your warranty. There are all kinds of damages that can happen so make sure to get detail on this when purchasing.
6. Lastly consider style. Do you want this to look modern and artistic? Or are you looking for simple maximum sun protection? Here at Shade Masters we provide the best of both worlds.

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